April Hill, Owner Yoga Studio 90.

April Hill, a small-town girl, always dreamed of opening her own business.  After attending gyms, kick boxing classes, spin, and aerobics classes, she didn’t feel fulfilled with her workout. With a background as a licensed aesthetician, April knew the importance of water and sweating to the human body and she was going to have that in her work out! In October, 2010 April opened Yoglates South in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Nine years later and more than 10,000 classes in her physical location, she is now moving her business online.  "This is a strategic decision", says April.  "I have overcome other fitness studios as well as national brands moving in on me.  However, this Covid-19 shut down now gives me another way to reach all of my customers and grow."

April has a passion for people.  April has designed and promoted events to give back to the community. These specialized events have been hosted at her own studio as well as locations within the community. This outreach has increased awareness and raised money for the following organizations: The Bella Bowman Foundation, Gateway Horsemanship Therapy, The Corey Webster Foundation, The St. Lillian Foundation, Thrive, HP Serve, Hope House, and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at Our Lady of the Lake.

April has been recognized as a leader in the community.  Some of her community acknowledgements include 2014 Baton Rouge Business Report’s Top 40 under 40 and 2016 American Cancer Society Baton Rouge’s Best Dressed.  April is also frequently invited to speak at community events.

April’s faith, values, outgoing personality, genuine approach, and appreciation for the human body, mind, and spirit are what separates her full body workouts from all other fitness venues. April states, “Meeting people where they are is what I love.  I love the fact that in one class I have had Pro Football Players, High School Athletes and Moms enjoying the same workout.  So, when we say, "this is a workout for everyone" we mean it.”


Yoga Studio 90 is a Virtual Online Subscription Platform.  This is how it works, and this is how to cancel!  If you sign up on the first of the month, your monthly subscription (Plan) will automatically Renew (Billed again) on the first of the following month.  Exact Same Process for Annual subscriptions.  If you buy the annual subscription On June 1, 2020, on June 1, of 2021 you will be billed again for another year.  IF YOU CHOOSE TO CANCEL YOU CAN, HERE IS HOW TO CANCEL.  Login to your account and go through the following steps.  Dashboard > Billing > Change plan > Cancel membership.  Customers can cancel at anytime during their month and not be automatically renewed.  So yes, You can purchase today and then cancel today if you want to only buy and be billed for one month, same for annual membership!  IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!